Owning a cat requires attention and care. Taking care of cats includes giving them food and a comfortable space for them to live in, where pets can rest, exercise, eat, and engage in their natural behaviours.

Choosing the right cat litter involves considering several factors to ensure your cat’s comfort, your convenience, and its environmental impact. Before knowing the differences, let me introduce the types of common cat litter in the pet products industry in Malaysia.


Types of Cat Litters


Cat Litters

Bentonite cat litter is a common type of cat litter among Malaysian cat owners. It is made from clay, specifically sodium bentonite or calcium bentonite. Bentonite forms clumps that make it easy to scoop out waste when exposed to moisture.

Tofu cat litter is a biodegradable and eco-friendly cat litter made from tofu residue, which is a byproduct of tofu production. While carbon cat litter such as our PetZooPet Carbon Cat Litter contains activated carbon, which helps in better odour absorption.


What Are The Differences Between The Cat Litters?

There are some points that need to be highlighted when choosing cat litter. Several factors should be considered to ensure you select the most suitable option for your cat and household. So, what are the differences between these cat litters?


Bentonite Cat Litter:

bentonite cat litter

Bentonite cat litter offers easy cleanup, good clumping action, good odour control, and relatively low tracking. It usually comes with several scents to choose from. It is also cheaper than most other types of cat litter.

However, bentonite cat litter is not biodegradable and is not pro-environment. Mining bentonite can have environmental consequences. It is a bit dusty compared to other cat litter, and some cats may be sensitive to the dust it produces.


Tofu Cat Litter:


Tofu cat litter is made from tofu residue, which is a byproduct of tofu production. Tofu cat litter is biodegradable and typically more environmentally friendly than clay-based litters.

It is a water-soluble type of cat litter and is flushable in the toilet. It is an ideal cat litter for cat owners who live in apartments. Scoop, throw in the toilet bowl, and then flush away. Easy right? Besides, it has generally good odour control and low tracking.

However, the price may be higher than most other typical cat litters. There are also not many scent varieties. Tofu cat litter is not really money-saving, as it forms bigger clumps and needs to be topped up regularly compared to other types of cat litter, such as bentonite and carbon cat litter.


Carbon Cat Litter:

carbon cat litter

Carbon cat litter is an effective odour control due to the carbon’s ability to absorb and trap odours. Our PetZooPet Carbon Cat Litter has fast and solid clumping action, making it easier to clean. It is generally less dusty and has lower tracking compared to bentonite cat litter. Besides, it has been proven to be longer-lasting and trap the odour more effectively even in closed spaces.

Activated carbon is generally considered safe but may not be as environmentally friendly as biodegradable options like tofu litter. Although this premium quality cat litter costs more than bentonite cat litter, the difference is worthwhile.


You can choose a cat litter that satisfies your cat’s needs and corresponds with your preferences and values by taking these factors into account. Ultimately, the best cat litter choice depends on your cat’s preferences, your household’s needs, and your environmental values. It may take some trial and error to find the perfect fit, but considering these factors should help narrow down your options.

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