Leader In Premium Pet Cages Manufacturing

We Are The Expert In Manufacturing Premium Pet Cages in Malaysia

With more than 20 years of experience in this industry, we have continuously refined our workmanship to provide premium pet cages in Malaysia. Through our research and development, as well as our never-ending thirst for innovation, we have combined our manufacturing process with the aid of an array of sophisticated machine tools.

Over time, Starcage Pet Products Sdn Bhd became a leader in designing, manufacturing, and producing pet cages that surpass the ordinary beauty of a pet cage and goes beyond with its quality. 

Pet owners around Malaysia continuously recommend our products to their community due to our pet cage’s durability, affordability, quality, and its popularity with the pets themselves.

The Passion To Design, Manufacture, and Produce Quality Pet Cages

Truly, there is no other company in this country that can design, manufacture, and produce beautiful, quality cages like us. We have tirelessly developed the art of making beautiful, quality cages as our speciality. 

Every day, our team of production line workers and management staff get to work with a single goal: to create the best pet cage there is in this country. Our office and production facility is located strategically at Sungai Buloh, which just 30km in the outskirt of our capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

Dedicated To Innovation And Pet Safety

You can trust Starcage Pet Products Sdn Bhd to have the capability to manufacture a wide range of metal cages at our production facility. We manufacture pet cages, big and small, at our factory for pets Malaysians love – dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and other small animals. 

Apart from our range of premium pet cages, we also undertake contract manufacturing for products for our principal.

To ensure both owner and pet are happy, we make sure our premium pet cages are accepted and approved in the international market meeting stringent standard requirements. 

As such, our epoxy powder coated finished cages are in compliance according to FDA requirements. Our wood perches are treated with the required safety meet that is imposed by certain jurisdictions.