C388RI – Foldable Cat Cage

PetZooPet C388RI is a large 5-tier cat cage constructed from heavy gauge steel wire for stability and durability. The cage featured 2 large front doors for easy access,  4 platforms, 4 ladders and 4 heavy duty casters.

Dimensions : 121.9cm L x 73.7cm W x 161.3cm H
Colors : Epoxy Powder Coated Gloss Black
Packing : 1 per carton
Accessories : 1 plastic tray, 4 ladders, 4 platforms, castor wheels with brake
Features : 2 doors, foldable cat cage

Additional information


Cat Cage

Weight in kg

32.45 kg

Size in cm

121.9 cm L x 73.7cm W x 161.3 cm H

Wire Mesh Spacing

34 mm




Hard Drawn Wire, Epoxy Powder


Foldable Design
2 Large Doors with Double-Lock Design
4 Heavy-Duty Casters with Brake
1 Injection Plastic Tray
4 Ladders
4 Platforms

Animal Sizes

Medium, Large

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